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having an eating disorder will ruin your life. it’ll turn you into a monster and when you stare at yourself through tear filled eyes, you will not recognise yourself.  your heart will cease to function normally, your digestive system rejecting food entirely. your jutting bones will leave you bruised and in pain. your hair will clog the drain. you will have a tube shoved down your throat to make sure that the acid that comes up every time you vomit, hasn’t caused permanent damage. your bowels will refuse to work. your family will live in a constant state of worry and stress. they will be afraid to bring people over because they won’t know what state you’ll be in when they arrive home.
the bitch in your head who promises you the world will ruin your life.
but guess what, you’ll be fucking thin. woop-de-fucking-do. congratulations on that amazing achievement. if you’re willing to risk your life to fit into the clothes of a child, you need a big whack on the head. with a brick. made of led.
my heart is paying the price so to all you pro bitches out there or to people who don’t understand, here’s what an eating disorder can do.  you don’t have to be emaciated to be ill, nor to get help.
stop the madness before it engulfs your life, your family and your soul.
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My life
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Kaila Hart by Tim Ashton
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skinny in b&w
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